We’ve created this site for YOU. 

We’ve spent years working with and being inspired by amazing people.  Real people with real problems. And we’ve also been busy living our own lives (where we get a lot of our experience from, really). We’ve tried to share our experience, education and humo(u)r. One-on-one, we’ve laughed, cried and shared.

It has always been not just a job choice, but a passion – an extension of ourselves. We’re two of the lucky few – we found a career path that never really feels like a ‘job’.

From personal and professional experience, we know that one-on-one therapy is an option that is available only for the lucky few. So, we wondered if we could use some of our spare time to share what we know – and share what others we respect know – to help you, help yourself.

We love to keep things simple. 

And we know that feelings seem huge, hard, sticky and messy.  And that often makes them seem complicated. So we’re here to try to make them less scary, less complicated. So you can feel more ___________ (insert desired feeling here: calm, confident, happy, clear, motivated, special, awesome – the list goes on).

Our Mission:

“To bridge the gap between self-help information and its real-life application”.


Who are these Chicks?

yellow bellies

Sally O’Reilly

Sally wants to live in a world where gender roles don’t exist, sex ed in schools is a real thing, mistakes are allowed and everyone dances. As a psychologist and psychotherapist, she’s worked for nearly twenty years in private practice, with adults and trainee adults of all ages. She blogs on her own website, sometimes Voicebok.com, sometimes newspapers and has been known to Tweet.

When she’s not working, you will find her engrossed in Science Fiction or some dark and Danish TV show, listening to music, Sally's Baby Picwatching the sea (while really, really wishing it were warmer..), or figuring out how to work Lightroom on her Mac. Mostly, she gleefully ignores the lonely plaintiff call of the vacuum cleaner and other household appliances. All while munching enthusiastically on Bombay mix.

She’s happiest when dancing and erm…. her cat has his own Facebook page….

Tanya Tinney

Tanya looks forward to living in a world where people aren’t afraid to speak their truth, respect boundaries, and always have time for tea and chocolate. A magic bubble that protects her from sticky fingers, hormonal girls and dog hair would be awesome as well.

As a psychologist and life-coach with almost 20 years experience, she has worked and volTanya's Baby Picunteered for non-profit agencies, consulted to small business, and started her own very successful psychology practice. She has lived in Ireland, Ethiopia (okay, just 6 months) and Canada, and currently lives in central Texas with her husband, three girls (including fraternal twins) and two dogs.

When she’s not finding ‘everyday moments’ to blog and offer life-changing advice about, you can find her being walked by her dogs, finding unidentifiable food-objects under the couch cushions or baking her famous banana bread.

Sally & Tanya

And here’s a more recent pic – just so you know we’re grown-ups!

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