The We-Are-Not-Open-To-Being-Sued Statement

We sincerely hope that you, as reader, find the information on this website to be educational and entertaining.  The information provided is based on research as well as personal and professional experience.  However, in no way does reading or using information from this website to make changes in your own life constitute a therapist-client relationship.

While we believe that the information we provide is useful for discussion and educational purposes, it should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional consultation or intervention by a(nother) qualified mental health specialist.  People are unique – and proper intervention requires thorough evaluation.  While we believe that applying the information you find here will make significant and positive changes in your life, there is and can be no real ‘guarantee of success’ (in the legal please-don’t-sue-us-if-it-doesn’t-work sense).


We do not share personal information –  including email addresses – with third-parties.  However, please be aware that any comments are made in the public domain, therefore any identifying information that you provide in a comments section (and what a third party does with that information) is outside of our control.


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Two Wise Chicks reserves the right to edit or delete any comments submitted to this blog for any reason.  While we generally will not (we are completely okay with self-expression, poor spelling and horrible grammar – including our own!), when and if we do delete it will be for the following reasons: spam, profanity, offensive language or concepts, or attacks on a person/ group of people. We will add to this list as/if we see fit.

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