We looooove books.  Love them.  We hope you do too.

We are constantly reading, and love to share book recommendations.  We’ve found a way (via Amazon.com) to put all of our recommendations in one place that doesn’t require for us to know ‘code’ or picture placement or anything else techie.  Yay!

Check out our favorites here 

We add to our list of favorites as we create posts, or as the mood strikes – so check back often.

Of course, after browsing through our selections, you can choose to purchase items from Amazon.com, from your local bookstore or borrow from the library or friends – Wherever you find it, is okay with us 🙂

Disclaimer: If you choose to purchase any items using the link above, TwoWiseChicks may receive a nominal affiliate fee from your purchase. This does not, however, affect the price that you pay.