4This is where we stash the Simple Tip Sheets that we love to create for y’all.

Each time we create a new one – we’ll put it here as well.

You’re Welcome!!


Tips for dealing with Anger – check out our post on our proposed Pint-Of-Guinness anger theory and here’s our accompanying tip sheet:

Anger tip sheet


Everyone should receive a copy of the I’m grateful for you (letter Template) from someone this Thanksgiving.

10 Tips for Practicing Gratitude (for all of you who struggle with this – you know who you are 😉

When you’re stressed or overwhelmed (or anytime at all really!) try this: Balloon Breathing Technique

Easy Mindfulness Techniques for those who are beginning their journey towards being more mindful.  Mindfulness helps us with just about everything – promise!

This Worry Technique  will help you identify the real source of that noise in your head!

Worry technique TWC

From a fear of spiders to a fear of starting something new, these  5 Tips for Tackling Fear will have your back!